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About Us

CheapTux.com was founded by formalwear professionals who became tired of all the exclusiveness surrounding the "formalwear industry". We became frustrated at seeing people who were put in a position of having to buy or rent an expensive tuxedo, not because they wanted to, but for one reason or another, they had to.

Countless times we found customers having to pay hundreds of dollars to buy or rent a tuxedo, that to them, was nothing more than a black suit.

Well the truth is, a tuxedo is nothing more than a black suit. Yeah, it has the satin lapels and the satin line down the side of the pants, but all it really is, is a black suit. (Please note that this philosophy doesn't make us too popular with our fellow formalwear professionals at the industry trade shows- but it is the truth!)

Have you ever really noticed a person's tuxedo at any formal event? Can you even tell a designer tuxedo from a non-designer tuxedo (except the idiot that you see at least one of at every event, with the panzy tuxedo that he thinks is in style for that day). The truth is that there are classic styles of tuxedos that don't go out of style.

The tuxedos you will find at CheapTux.com are all classic styles that never go in or out. We are in business to cater to people who are usually in the position of having to buy a tuxedo, not wanting to buy a tuxedo.

Who are our customers?

Well, they really are a diverse group.

There is the smart guy (and it doesn't take a genius), who understands that he can buy a quality tuxedo for less than it costs to rent one.

Then there's the prom guy who doesn't want to shell out all his good hard earned money on renting that designer tuxedo, when he can own one for less, and use the savings to impress his honey with the limo upgrade.

Then, of course, there are the professionals out there. The waiters, bartenders, band members, doormen, and limo drivers who have known about CheapTux.com for years as the place to go for classic, affordable quality tuxedos that never go out of style.

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